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DJs Music Terms Of Service (TOS)

  • All statements related to pictures are contained in the Conditions for uploading pictures
  • All statements related to music are contained in the Conditions for uploading songs
  • All non registered users have the right to listen and download to music
  • There won't be any voluntary limits from DJs Music as to how many songs a user will be able to listen to or download, no matter if they are registered or not.
  • Anyone will be able to embed directly songs in their websites without permission from DJs Music or the song creator, unless he/she specifies so.
  • Each artist can decide whether to allow song downloads and song insertions, and their decission must be respected by all users.
  • If a user downloads directly music (i.e. Accesses the mp3 file directly) we might track his/her IP to block his activity on the site.
  • DJs Music might store information about every visitor, such as IP, location, length of visit... and anything else we might find interesting for us.
  • The information we gather won't be shared or sold, it will be used simply to improve the site, our algorithms and our data structures.
  • Trying to, or hacking DJs Music will result in immediate expulsion from the site, IP blocking, and anything else we can think of, unless you help DJs Music fix the security issue you exploited to access it. Although malicious hacking that results in braking the site functionality, altering it in any way, or any other damage will result in legal action against the hacker.

As always, use your common sense, and don't try to fool the system, it is only here to offer a good service to people ;)

Best regards,
DJs Music Administration