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 Privacy Policy

Personal information:

  • All the information saved by our users about themselves will be stored by us with the best security we can provide. It will not be shared with other companies nor will it be used with purposes other than this website or related.
  • Although we gather information about every visitor, we will only use that information to improve their experience on the site.
  • Even if some information is set as private, users of the site will be allowed to search for users filtering that data, although the email will always remain out of the scope.

Uploaded pictures:

  • Each picture uploaded by the users will be regulated under the terms for uploading pictures.
  • The uploaded pictures do not belong specifically to a user, and they might be used as album covers or any other purpose as well.
  • Uploaded pictures will be of the public domain.

Uploaded music:

  • Each song uploaded by users will be regulated under the conditions for uploading music.
  • Each song will be linked to a user account, and several information will be of the public domain, such as the user's picture, name, DJ Name, and other relevant information.


  • Comments will be displayed only where they are posted, with the exception of comments that have replies, in which case the original comment will appear underneath the reply.
  • Information such as profile picture and real name will appear with each comment, even if the commenter has a private profile and the user viewing the comment is not in his/her network,

Private messages:

  • As their name suggests, private messages are available only to the sender and the receiver, and absolutely no one else has access to them with the exception of the moderators and administrators, who will only look in the inbox of a user when strictly necessary.
  • Private messages can be sent and received only by registered users.


Visitor: A person visiting the site that has not logged in

User: Registered visitor that has logged in (Userlevel of at least 1)

Moderator: Member of the DJs Music Staff

Administrator: Member of the DJs Music Staff