What Universities in China Are Open to International Students?

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Because China is the country that dedicated to internationalization in education, on the other hand, China's universities took over there doors to international students. There are several universities, institutes and other higher education facilities that offer programs from Chinese studies to the most advanced science and engineering and more, all in Mandarin or English.

15 Top Chinese Universities for Foreign Students

Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University, located in Beijing, is often named China's top university and is best known for its Engineering and Computer Science programs. It has a significant international student population, featuring programs that aim to develop world leaders.

Peking University
Another Beijing school, Peking University specializes in the humanities and social sciences as well as several strong science departments. Year after year, it annoys language barriers, because it delivers programs in English and provides a range of services for international students.

Fudan University
Fudan University is a Chinese elite and world-class research institution founded in Shanghai. The university provides a wide offer of subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate studies with a lot of courses offered in English.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Functioning as a cutting-edge research institution, shanghai jiao tong university is widely recognized for offering a full suite of academic programs, with a reputation that brings in many international students every year.

Zhejiang University
In Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University is known for its strong engineering programs and pioneering work in computer science and technology. The university offers a very active student life and multiple programs in English.

Programs and Opportunities

These universities offer courses and programs not only to traditional degree students but also for international students with scholarships and exchange programs. The likes of the Chinese Government Scholarship offer partial/full waivers which makes it easier to afford studying overseas.

International Student Services and Support Services

In response, Chinese universities have expanded the range of support services available to international students to help them adjust to life in China. Covering everything from orientation programs, Chinese language courses, visa processing help, and international student advisors.•

Cultural Integration

Landing a Chinese university is one sure way for an international student to experience full-on Chinese culture. They would organize cultural tours, a language exchange program, etc. A lot of events was held with the intent of integrating us with the local students and the Chinese society on the whole.


This is just part of the trend to increase the number of chinese universities for international students, with China becoming a bigger player as an international education destination. These universities provide an incredibly rich experience where students can experience one of the longest standing cultures while studying at the highest level in the world.

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