What Courses Are Offered by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law?

Justice, Economics and everything in between

Wuhan, a capital city in central China, is home to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the most prestigious school known for its emphasis on economics and law. The university offers different courses to train the students in being part of influential positions within business, government and law realm.

Comprehensive Law Programs

Introduction to law: for basic understanding of law to cutting-edge Commercial Law and International Law (introductory and advanced classes available) This is to ensure students have the foundational knowledge required in fields like Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, International Trade Law etc which make up the law curriculum and provide an insight into both domestic as well as international law.

Being an academician you get a chance to do hotchpotch of specialised legal studies like, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Law and so on. It is geared toward giving students knowledge necessary to meet modern legal challenges in a variety of industrial applications.

Economics and Finance

Economic Theory and Application: The foundation of the economics programs consists of a core curriculum in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and applied econometrics. Any of these can also be combined with focused study in, for example, Development Economics, Financial Markets and Public Finance.

A course specially designed to link economics and business studies is Business Economics. They are intended to provide a foundation of knowledge in business operations and economic policies for students studying Business Strategy, Marketing Economics, and Corporate Governance.

Interdisciplinary Programs

In response to the fact that economics and law can no longer be separated in todays world, ZUEL provides a variety of interdisciplinary programs. Examples: Economic Law (which correlates economic law with legal rule sets) and Financial Law (which deals with all sorts of legal transactions).

International Affairs & Programmes

By providing classes like International Economics and Comparative Law, the university aims to build students' awareness for global careers. These courses train the students International orientation which is a must for any student to understand the international legal and economic scenario.

Of Note: The university's commitment to international education is echoed in its partnerships with educational institutions around the globe, leveraging students opportunities for studying abroad and partaking in dual degree programs.

Studies and Training

Research Opportunities: Students at Zhongnan University of Economics & Law have a large number of research institutes covering the areas like Human Rights, Economic Development, etc. These colleges offer a research platform to students for doing research work and have well-experienced faculties.

Experiential Training: Practical courses and workshops, from mock trials to an Economic Forecasting simulation, are woven into the curriculum, providing students with valuable experience.


There are more than 40 full-time postgraduate programs in economics and law at Zhongnan University, which are based on teaching practice and reform. By supporting theoretical knowledge and practical skills equally at the university makes each entered by a student master in their field. To get more in depth knowledge about the university and its programs you can visit the official Zhongnan University of Economics and Law page.

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