Which Granite Colors Are Featured in the Latest Catalog?

Top Granite Colors: New Patterns Emerging

Granite catalogue The most recent granite catalog presents a sophisticated palette of colors that speaks to the existing trends and ever-popular kitchen design. We have done this to better suit the needs of modern day consumers who want beautiful but durable and stylish countertops. Gone are the latest colors:

Classic Whites and Grays

Beautiful Alaska White: With its light colored background and mix of dark minerals this is Alaska White is a consistent best seller among home owners looking for a weightless and bright feel in their kitchen. Many units find that it complements both conventional oak and modern minimalist cabinetry.

Steel Gray — a subtle, versatile, and ever-popular color. The subtle simplicity of it makes it ideal for a modern style that calls for a sense of refinement that merely teases the senses rather than assaults them. This is a color that has been chosen for about 25% of all installations over the past year.

Bold and Dramatic Hues

RH: Blue Dunes: By far the most impactful choice in the new color line, Blue Dunes exhibits large, swirling waves of blue, gray and cream. For home owners who want to really make a splash with their counter tops, this is a top choice.

Emerald Pearl: With a rich green base and shiny blue and grey flecks, Emerald Pearl is a sleek option that not only brings color to your kitchen, but also dimension. It is especially popular in high-quality designs where a sense of luxury is required.

Warm Earth Tones

Santa Cecilia: This creamy color clearly delineates the path of classic Santa Cecilia granite gold with brown and black flakes. The natural color goes well with wooden cabinet and an earthy theme and gives a warm feel to your kitchen.

Tan Brown: With swirls of chocolate browns, black, and gray, tan brown gives off an earthy feel that is reflected in both classic and rustic kitchens. This color serves as a popular choice because it adds flavor and personality to the room.

Creative Textures and Finishes

In the selection of granite for kitchen countertops, texture is just as important as color. The new catalog includes a number of new finishes that to better showcase the natural beauty of the stones:

Leather finish: A slightly sanded surface, this provides a softer touch and side-to-side feel; a leather finish is perfect for those environments prone to tough stains, as it easily conceals fingerprints and smears.

Honed Finish: The honed finish is for anyone who prefers a more matte look. Rather than glossy, it will give you a flat surface that highlights the natural color and texture of the granite.

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The newest collection of granite colors is tailored to these broad aesthetic and functional requirements, ranging from the traditional beauty of Alaska White and Steel Gray to the modern, playful vibrancy of Blue Dunes and Emerald Pearl. If you are renovating an old kitchen or designing a new one all the way from scratch, the new granite choices offer options that will improve the looks and value of your property. Every color is selected to serve the contemporary homeowner, and they each provide the client with a kitchen countertop that is as beautiful, long lasting, and sharp looking.

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